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CES2020 fast charge new product development trend: high power, multiple ports, small size, light and thin, gallium nitride

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The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was founded in 1967 and has a history of decades. It is held in Las Vegas, USA every January. CES is the world's largest consumer electronics technology annual exhibition and the world's largest consumer technology industry event.


The front report team of Charging Head Network has arrived in Las Vegas. This is the second time Charging Head Network has become the second time that CES invited media to participate in the exhibition site report. The CES2020 charging head network visited dozens of fast charging brands and factory booths. These companies brought the most advanced fast charging technology concepts and hundreds of new products, attracting many high-tech equipment enthusiasts, users and Industry audience. The US CES show has become one of the important channels for Chinese power products to export to the US and North American markets.


According to on-site engineers revealed to the charging head network, 65W adapters have been adopted by the majority of mobile phone manufacturers, and 100W adapters will appear in the market in 2020. By then, fast charging can be completed in 15 minutes. The popularization of Nitrogen GaN Gallium Nitride Black technology has also made USB PD fast charging products even more powerful and has promoted the consumer power revolution. In addition to the original adapter market, consumer demand for chargers also presents diversified and personalized needs. Among them, the multi-port charger with USB-C and USB-A ports can simultaneously charge new and old devices and become consumers The preferred second charger configuration, third-party e-commerce brands also benefit from the popularization of USB PD fast charging.

Prior to this, Charging Head Network conducted an industry survey "USB PD fast charging industry broke out, 50 large charger foundries surfaced", from the perspective of the industry chain, more than a hundred upstream and downstream companies participated in it, and found that fast Companies engaged in the market have begun to take shape, and their size is not small.

From the CES2020 exhibition hall, we can see companies familiar with the exhibition, such as Anker, Belkin, mophie, Baseus, AUKEY, etc. In addition, there are many new brands joining, these new products also reflect the The basic technology has matured, and the market has shifted from "five fortunes and one security" to high-power, multi-port, small size, thin and portable.

It also reflects several important trends:

1. The explosion of high-power products, especially in the power range of 100W, has dozens of products to choose from;

2. The demand for multiple USB-C ports increases, and the new dual-C port and 3C port products shown on the spot are beginning to emerge;

3. The size becomes smaller and smaller, the charger power and size, both fish and bear paw;

4. The appearance of the charger is diversified, the shape of an ultra-thin card, and its own current, voltage and power display, etc., the product design is no longer the same;

5. Laptop chargers and mobile phone chargers have been greatly integrated. It is easy to choose chargers, look for USB-C ports, choose suitable power and so on.

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